In memory of Professor MM Kurian, Mattappallil Adimuriyil.
The Late Managing Partner of Citco Oil and Jai Hind Textile & Oil Mills.
Also, Past President of Cochin Oil Merchants' Association.

The family of Professor MM Kurian expresses our thanks for all the kind messages of sympathy we have received after his passing away on 21 June 2011, at the age of 73 years, due to complications after a routine surgical procedure. We miss him greatly.

Professor Kurian was warmly regarded for his advocacy on behalf of the many businesses throughout Kerala producing pure coconut oil, and took great personal care to assure the quality and purity of his two firms' products.

Professor Kurian's family no longer holds any business interests or connections with Citco Oil and Jai Hind Textile & Oil Mills, and would like to thank all our many loyal customers and suppliers throughout India for trading with us during the past five decades.